Hi Guys, how are you doing? *-*

So, it’s about the JM video :/

I’m canceling the video, cause I didn’t received material enough to the entire song :/
Thank you so much for the ones who sent me videos and pictures, and for giving ideas and everything :))

we can try again later, right? is gonna be fun haha

So that’s it, thanks again :))



Guys, about The Jm Video :(

the dead line is in 2 days, and I just received 2 vídeos and 3 pictures (beautiful ones btw *-* ) :(

I thought I Lot of you wanted to make part of it :/

So, I’ll give more time, but if at least 40 people send me something I’ll need to cancel it :/ And I really didn’t wanted to :/

SO let me know if you guys still want to make part of the video okay?



love-is-a-verb-jm said:
Olá, td bem fiquei uns dias fora daqui e já estou perdida, rsrs. Que video é esse?? e até qndo posso participar? bjinho

oiii, tudo bem, sem problemas hjnjfdklsjfkds
é o sesguinte
Nós vamos fazer um vídeo de todos nós dublando queen of california, pode mandar um vídeo, ou uma foto ocm uma mensagem pra ele, aí vou juntar tudo, e cada um de nós aparece dublando um pouquinho rs
manda o vídeo ou a foto para bazingamayer@yahoo.com até o dia 15-07, okay?

beijoo *—-* , e não deixe de participar >< 


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Guys!!

Soo, Another Idea came to our Video!

Amanda gave the Idea of we record some messages to him *—-*
We can record a “Hi” and while the solos is playing, we put everyone of us saying Hi to him, or “Thank you”, I think it would be beautifull :”)

SO don’t be shy, and say hi to John!! dsjklçfdsfldçsk

pearl-damn said:
oh yea what format of video do you want? xo

HIII, great question!
The program I’m using suport this kind of format:

  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Windows Media, DV-AVI
  • 3GP e 3GPP
  • MPEG-1 e MPEG-2
  • JPEG, Motion JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • Bitmap
  • PNG
  • QuickTime (somente em Windows 7)
  • AVCHD (somente em Windows 7)
  • MPEG-4 (somente em Windows 7)



pearl-damn said:
the video idea is gonna be so cool when it's done! are you going to put in everybody that submits a video? :) xo

Awn, I’m glad you liked it ><
Everybody who send the video gonna be in the  JM video *———-* 
and now we have some ideas, I’ll post it now ><


Should we do the whole song so you can edit bits together better? ?

I think that if you guys record the entire song, is gonna be better for me to edit it *-*


We have a song!! It’s gonna be Queen of California!!

The song most voted was Queen of California!!
So Let’s sing ITTT jfksldfjdskljfkdsjfkdsj

Okay, let’s have some rules :))) :

-Send the video to bazingamayer@yahoo.com , you can send the video ‘till 15/07, and I’ll start to put all the videos together *-*

-Have a LOT of fun making the video, dances, singing, jumping, fangirling fdklsjdfs write some messages to John if you want, so I can put it while the solos is playing ><

-When you send me the video, add your name and the country where you from :))

-If you don’t want, or can’t make a video, send me pictures with cute messages, and I’ll add it  *-*

-Ana gave the idea of using hats, if you guys have a hat, use it, is gonna be cute *-*

Ps.: Don’t be shy, we can’t hear our voice on the video, just John’s okay? ><

HAve a lot of fun JM Family, I think is gonna be a beautiful gift *—-*


Let’s choose the song?

Ok, So the songs the most came was:

  1. Queen of California
  2. Something like Olivia
  3. Walt Grace
  4. A face call home
  5. Speak for me
  6. The Age of worry.

Now, I’ll post it, and you guys choose one, the one that have more votes will be the song of the video! *—————-*
Please, choose just one!

Ps.: I did a test, and we can not hear our voice in the video, Just John’s. So don’t be shy to make the video :)))

Guys, everytime I update something about the video, I’ll put the tag #VideoJM, so you can see everything *-*

theredbones said:
Eu que já amo seu tumblr, adorei sua idéia! Tenho certeza que se a gente fizer um video bonitinho ele vai ver! Own imagina isso? Own!!!

AWnnn, muuito obrigada *———*
Acho que o vídeo vai ficar lindo, e quanto mais pessoas participarem, mais legal vai ficar *—————-*


Anonymous said:
I think The Age of Worry would be fun! And you mentioned holding up cards. That sounds nice too! :)

Yeah, the Age of worry is an awesome song *————*
Yeah, I just did some tests, and we can’t hear our voices in the video, just John’s, sooo, it would very nice if we use some cards too *-*


Anonymous said:
que tal Something Like Olivia ou Walt Graces Submarine Test, January 1967 para o video? haha ;)

Adorei as Duas músicas, e something like Olivia ia ser muuito divertido *-*
to muuito em dúvida, acho que vou fazer uma votação direitinho né? ><


giovannapetrillo said: The “Born and Raised” Reprise would be fun! But it’s not a long enough song. :( We could do Queen of California or Age of Worry

64-colorbox said: Queen of California would be fun ;)

anasousapt said: I go for Walt Grace. And I suggest that whoever wants to participate, should wear a hat in the video. That’s just an idea… ;O)

Queen of california would so fun indeed, age of worry too fjdskdfjs omggg, walt grace is so wonderful, omg, Idk what to choose *-*

I love the hat idea, I don’t have a hat, but I really love the idea, I think i can find one *-*