So, I just notice that it’s been 2 months since John Mayer’s concert, and I didn’t posted anything about it here”  :(((

So, I know I’m late, but I’m posting it anyway haha

For those who does not know, I’m from Brazil, and it was the first time John came to my country and the concert was FUCKING AMAZING!!

I just went to the concert in São Paulo cause I couln’t go to Rio (:(((() but it was by far the most amazing concert of my life, like, really, not just the concert but the entire day!


Amanda (im-inrepair), Cih (myonly-sunshiine), Juls (64-colorbox), Carol (carolsand) and Lu (rigirl) were my wonderful company that made my entire day even more special! (not to mention Xulia (loveisaboutmayer) and Debs (myintimate) that I didn’t met in person but was there the entire day by messages).

The day 11/19 is going to be forever in my mind, the way he was happy and the entire audience was happy, the way he got surprised to us singing his songs, Dear Marie being the most amazing part of the concert and Phillips that is really amazing singing live as well… The company of my girls, all the laughs and all the creys… Everything was special!

Well, thats just a little of my feels haha, and how was the concert that you went to?


posting more pictures cause I’m feeling saudades :’) (em Parque Ibirapuera)

Hello guys!!
Some of you must remember of when Amanda (Im-inrepair), cih (come-back-to-bed-johnny) and I met each other and I posted everything here, so last sunday, we met Connie (nothinglikeolivia)  *———————————-*

it was so AMAZING! I love this girls so much, and I just can’t believe that we spent a day together!
John Made me know friendships that I know that will last forever <3

Just wanted to share it with you!



It’s been a LONG while, huh?
And omg, so many things has happened, right, WHAT A AMAZING YEAR FOR THE JM FAMILY!

I really hope all of you are going (or already went) to a Johnny’s concert this year, and that you meet him and say all you want to say, and I know you want the same for me *-*

Soon, more edits for you!

Thank you for still be here! <3


Hello everyone!!!

just passing by to wish you all a happy new year, and I hope that all the good things come to our lives, love, friendship, health, concert tickets!!

you all are amazing, and so your year will be!


Fê <333

Hello guys, how are you?

So I already know the news!!

How many of you gonna make a video of Something like Olivia?

I Think I’ll try do to one *—-*


This is my last drawing, hope you guys like it!

Well, Hi!

the other day I told you guys that my computer is kinda of broken, and don’t make gifs anymore :(

I still can’t fix it :(

So… I’ll reblog some old gifs I did, okay? ><

The only problem with the song “Go easy on me” is that is not long enough.

Guys, I have a doubt…

Wasn’t John Dressed like this:

for the Queen Of california video?

I don’t remember see him like this in the video….

John Mayer, Marry me, like, now.

he walking around, with that sexy legs   and start to snow and rain, and everything
omgg that Jacket fjdklsfjds and dat hair fjdklsjfdlks

I need to fagirling jfldksjfkldsjfklsdjfdsklfjds 

hope you’re having a wonderful day!

so Today I found some time to be here, and I did some gifs :))))
I missed it haha

So, have a lovely week! Miss youu



now I have to go ><
I’ll post one more picture haha
Bye , see you guys tomorrow ><




Eu to muito Felizzz *—-* Eu e a Anny, fomos ao Show do Tiago Iorc, e foi incrível *-*
Gente, que show mais lindo, ele tocou todas as músicas que eu queria que ele tocasse, (E Unordinary gold que é a minha favorita). O show dele é lindo demais, me emocionei várias vezes *-*
Então Tiramos essa foto, e ele autografou nossos Cds, consegui dizer pra ele o quanto ele me inspira, foi demaaaaaaaais *-* 
Queria compartilhar isso com vocês *—-*

Hey Guysssss, this is me, Tiago Iorc (one of my favorite musicians in the planet,I think you guys would love him, listen to some of his songs! he sing in english *-*) and my friend Anny *——-* We went to his concert friday night, and we met him *——-* we took this picture, and we talk a litlle, it was awesome *————*, i just wanted to share this with you *—-*