"I like giving people something they don’t want to miss the next time. It’s a show with little twists and turns and curves. It has me being silly and stupid and compassionate and completely deep."


We’re on it, sweetie, we’re on it!

Just hang in there, keep strong and positive and everything will work out great!

Loads of hugs and kisses from the JM Family

The Get Well Soon John Mayer and Sending John our love projects.

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John Mayer | The Heart of Life (Atlanta, GA 2007-08-05.)

I’m on a little “The Heart of Life” kick these days, so I thought I’d share another nice version with you guys. I hadn’t heard this version in a long time until today, and I immediately took notice when I heard ‘I’m in repair, might take some time but I’ll be back I swear.’ Kind of applicable these days don’t ya think…

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This Heart Didn't Come With Instructions...: Mayer Moment;


Had a very emotional moment in my car earlier this afternoon. Driving down the highway with the windows open on this gorgeous day I was truly feeling wonderful about all the blessings in my life (Family, friends, a roof over my head, wonderful memories, and these amazingly bright and sunny days to…

Guys, read this. çç

“You know my paper heart? The one I fill with pencil marks? I think I might have gone and inked you in.” — John Mayer (via -slowdancing)

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“I’ve never heard a hateful word from someone’s mouth directly. I’ve never read an evil threat that was even spelled correctly. I’ve seen my share of shadows and no one of them could get me. Believe me they try. I’ve gone head to head with them. Stood chest to chest with the best of them, yeah. And you can take the rest of them, yeah. If you stare the first one down.” — John Mayer (Untitled song, Ustream, 2010.)

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In My Tree: Excerpt from Berklee Clinic 2011 pt.3


“There’s a difference between being honest and just exposing things. You know, a lot of people go ‘I’m just being honest’ No, you’re just —there’s no honesty in just spilling things out. The honesty in a song, I believe that you have diplomatic immunity inside a song. If you wrote a song, you’re…

In My Tree: Excerpt from Berklee Clinic 2011 pt.2


“Here are the myths; Right time/right place. Who believes in right time and right place? ‘You gotta be in the right time at the right place.’ Not true. Here’s why it’s not true. That would be true if you only played one show for your entire life, then the mathematical construct would make sense,…