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I’m excited to give you the first look at the single artwork for “Who You Love,” shot by the great Mario Sorrenti. Get it at the iTunes Store, and then head over to Vanity Fair to see exclusive photos from the shoot. 

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I don’t know If I made myself clear before, but I am NOT John Mayer, ok?

“I know now that Continuum is the record that it was sort of the best representation of what I could do. It was really cohesive, it was really in the moment. It was also a time in my life where I was very open-minded. I wasn’t self-protective. I was still riding my bike down Venice Beach and I wasn’t worried who was taking my picture. I wasn’t guarded, I guess you should say. But I will say, and I think it could be believed now, ‘cause it’s not like ‘my latest record,’ it’s uhm, Born and Raised was the most incredible experience I ever had making a record. It doesn’t have to be someone’s or everyone’s favorite for me to be able to tell you, that discovering that record by way of each and every song coming out and going “Oh, I have you now,” that was really a remarkable time— that’s when I needed music the most, and that’s when being a composer really came in and made me feel great.” — John Mayer (Oxford Union, 10/25/13.)

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RY: I want to ask you about Brazil. I wasn’t there, but I saw videos and photos, and I read about it. And it just looked like such an event and extravaganza. Can you talk about that experience and what was so memorable about that for you?

JM: It was incredible. It was such an incredible experience. It was a revelation for me that there is still so much more to be had in terms of geographically going to places. More to be had in terms of how many people you can get into one area to celebrate one song. It showed me that what I think is the top or the limit isn’t the limit. I have a deep love for that country now.

RY: Was the show in Sao Paolo the biggest crowd you’d ever played in front of who exclusively came to see you?

JM: Yes, 35,000. It was incredible and the same energy was there in Rio. I needed that this year.

Again, I’m an old new artist. Sao Paolo had this moment with Dear Marie that was just incredible. It really taught me that there is more out there to dream for.

I can feel a little over the hill sometimes or a little over the hump. It’s just the first hump. Plenty more humps to go up, and that showed me that there is an international hump to go up.

There’s a lot more the future holds in terms of getting on a plane for 12 hours and getting off somewhere and having as big a crowd — if not a bigger one — than America. It’s a very exciting way to see the globe.

” — Richard Young interviews John Mayer. I like this part about Brazil. Esp. about Dear Marie, that moment when the crowd singing seemed to overwhelm him. It’s good to know his thoughts on it and what an impact those audiences had on him. Especially in light of how long they’d been waiting to see him live. (via purestpartofme)

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And so, I’m in this period of time, where I’m not a new artist and I’m not a legend. I’m an old new artist. And that’s a funny time, but that’s the judgment time. That’s when you really find out who’s who. I’m an old new artist. I’m not a newly-minted legend, I’m not the tried and true idol. I’m an old new artist.

” —

John Mayer

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So, I just notice that it’s been 2 months since John Mayer’s concert, and I didn’t posted anything about it here”  :(((

So, I know I’m late, but I’m posting it anyway haha

For those who does not know, I’m from Brazil, and it was the first time John came to my country and the concert was FUCKING AMAZING!!

I just went to the concert in São Paulo cause I couln’t go to Rio (:(((() but it was by far the most amazing concert of my life, like, really, not just the concert but the entire day!


Amanda (im-inrepair), Cih (myonly-sunshiine), Juls (64-colorbox), Carol (carolsand) and Lu (rigirl) were my wonderful company that made my entire day even more special! (not to mention Xulia (loveisaboutmayer) and Debs (myintimate) that I didn’t met in person but was there the entire day by messages).

The day 11/19 is going to be forever in my mind, the way he was happy and the entire audience was happy, the way he got surprised to us singing his songs, Dear Marie being the most amazing part of the concert and Phillips that is really amazing singing live as well… The company of my girls, all the laughs and all the creys… Everything was special!

Well, thats just a little of my feels haha, and how was the concert that you went to?

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